Domestic Abuse

Social distancing has been an important tool in the fight against COVID-19 but also brings potential danger to survivors of domestic abuse. Increased isolation allows an abuser to gain more power and control over their victim and can leave the victim with no social outlets or means of interaction.

Although isolation is one of the most common tactics an abuser uses, it is critical for survivors of domestic abuse to know they are not alone. Help is available.  Shelters are open and providing support to survivors and remote services are available for individual advocacy, safety planning, and counseling. If you are in immediate danger, please call or text 911 (include your address in the text).

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is open and can be reached at (401) 467-9940 and  Direct services for survivors of domestic violence continue through the coalition’s member agencies.

Please visit RICADV for more information about how to identify and help survivors of domestic abuse and violence.