Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor vehicle safety is one of our highest priorities. Here you can find information about traffic tickets, accidents, motor vehicle laws, car seat information, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Rhode Island driving laws?

Driving manuals and guides can be found on the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles website.

How do I report a dangerous or erratic vehicle on the highway?

Report dangerous, erratic, or impaired drivers by calling 911 from your mobile phone, as this is an emergency and is placing other motorists on the road in danger. Give the dispatcher your location, direction of travel, a description of the vehicle, and the license plate number. The information will be passed on to troopers and local police on patrol, who will do their very best to locate that vehicle. A sworn law enforcement officer must see the vehicle being operating in an erratic manner in order to check on the well-being of the operator and/or issue a citation.