Frequently Asked Questions

The Rhode Island State Police is an organization that utilizes a structured chain of command. During the Training Academy, you will be expected to learn military drill, the raising of the colors and undergo inspections both as a recruit and as a class. You will be required to abide by the Training Academy’s Rules and Regulations. You will be expected to wear a uniform, manifest a calm, professional and courteous demeanor to members of the public and your colleagues.

Yes. Applicants must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Be a United States citizen and possess a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED).
  • Not have any felony conviction(s) and display good personal conduct.
  • Have 20/40 vision or better without correction and visual acuity of 20/20 or better with corrective lenses. Normal color and depth perception are also required as determined by the Division physician.
  • Possess normal hearing ability, as determined by a Division physician.

Tattoos will not preclude you from being a successful applicant. However, tattoos must not go beyond the wrist bone and must be covered with a flesh colored sleeve. Tattoos cannot be located on the head; face; neck above the v-neck t-shirt line; inside the eyelid, mouth or ears; wrists; hands; or fingers. Under no circumstances will offensive tattoos be permissible. Offensive tattoos include but are not limited to extremist tattoos, sexist tattoos, indecent tattoos or racist tattoos.

The physical assessment qualification consists of four (4) timed tests encompassing sit-ups, push-ups, a 300 meter run and a 1.5 mile run. Each test must be successfully completed. Please see the Physical Assessment Qualification section for a description of each test, as well as training tips for success.

  1. Successful passage of each phase of the physical assessment qualification. Failure to pass any phase will result in dismissal from the selection process.
  2. Successful passage of the written examination.
  3. Successful passage of the structured oral interview.
  4. Successful passage of a background investigation.
  5. Successful passage of a psychological examination.
  6. Successful passage of a medical examination.
  7. Successful passage of the Recruit Mentorship Program.

This program will begin approximately five (5) weeks before the commencement of the Training Academy. This program will assist those candidates/alternate candidates who have successfully passed each phase of the selection process. This mandatory program will have a particular emphasis on physical fitness and training.

The Training Academy is a twenty-four (24) week live-in law enforcement academy. Each recruit is required to arrive at the Training Academy in Foster, Rhode Island on Sunday evenings at 9:00 p.m. and then will be dismissed on Friday evenings at 6:00 p.m. All meals are provided at the Academy.

Each day will begin at 6:00 a.m. with reveille, followed by military drill, the raising of the colors and physical training. Classroom instruction, additional physical training, combatives, firearms training, water safety and emergency vehicle operation will be a part of each day. Two (2) hours will be set aside each evening for study, class assignments and exam preparation. Lights out each evening will be at 10:00 p.m.

Recruits will receive a salary of $1,300 bi-weekly, less meal expenses of approximately $280 bi-weekly. All medical expenses of recruits will be paid for by the Division during the twenty-four (24) week Academy.

Upon appointment as a sworn member of the Division, each trooper will receive a starting salary of $60,697, health and medical coverage, a uniform allowance, vacation time and other benefits provided by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Recruits are expected to show the highest ethical and moral standards as it relates to truthfulness and conduct both during Academy hours and while on leave. The Rhode Island State Police reserves the right to summarily dismiss any recruit who engages in untruthfulness, plagiarism and/or cheating or who engages in conduct unbecoming of the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy.

Rhode Island residency is required upon graduation from the Training Academy. You must also obtain a Rhode Island driver's license upon graduation from the Training Academy.

You are paid as a recruit and can apply for additional G.I. Bill® benefits

    • Montgomery G.I. Bill® benefits may be claimed by eligible veterans for time spent training at our Academy. For more information, Click Here to see education benefit.
      • GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

National Guard and Military Reserves Friendly

    • Rhode Island State Police policy allows you to take the necessary time to fulfill your military obligations.