Community Outreach

The Rhode Island State Police has re-energized our focus on the success of the inner-city youth of our state. To help facilitate this goal, the Division has once again stressed the importance of the Community Outreach Program.

The focus of this initiative is to open a dialogue between the State Police and the youth of our State. By doing so, we are putting forth the message that by making the right choices and decisions, anyone has the potential to succeed.

The program will also provide the youth with "real-life" individuals who, in many cases, grew up in similar situations. But because of making the right choices in difficult times combined with hard work and dedication, these members now serve as living, walking, and talking proof that achieving your dreams is possible.

The Community Outreach Program gives the Division of the State Police the opportunity to speak directly to these youth and let them recognize that there are indeed people from all walks of life, backgrounds, race, ethnicity, and gender who serve in our rank and file who truly care about the future of our youth. In many cases these presentations have provided many youth with that person or role model in their life that they never had.

The Community Outreach Program proves the commitment and vested interest that the Rhode Island State Police has on the youth of our great State.

"…We wanted people to see a face, to see people who grew up in neighborhoods like them, and that good things come to those who do the right thing."