Computer Crimes Unit

The Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit (CCU) was founded in 2003 and is responsible for three operational areas:

  • The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, a multi-agency group of law enforcement officers who conduct proactive and reactive investigations into target predators seeking to exploit and victimize children through the use of computers and the Internet.
  • The Computer Forensic Laboratory, a full service laboratory dedicated to the collection, preservation, and analysis of computers and digital evidence and to providing forensic response at crime scenes and large computer incidents.
  • The Cyber Disruption Task Force, a regionally deployed group of specially trained Investigators, who support any investigation involving computers and technology and are first responders to information systems emergencies.

The CCU consists of sworn and civilian forensic computer specialists. The forensic computer specialists are able to process all types of digital media and computers for electronic evidence to be used to support criminal investigations. The unit provides computer-related investigative, forensic and legal expertise/support to local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout Rhode Island involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving electronic evidence.

For assistance with computer-related complaints, please contact your local police department or nearest State Police barracks, who will contact the Computer Crimes Unit for assistance.


The mission of the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit is to conduct and provide expert assistance to the State Police, and other requesting statewide law enforcement (to include federal) agencies, with investigations pertaining to the criminal use of computers and related technologies. These crimes include (but are not limited to) network intrusion, telecommunications fraud, child exploitation, cyber stalking/harassment, the possession and distribution of child pornography over the Internet, computer tampering/"criminal hacking", and all other incidents in which computers or devices containing digital evidence were used to accomplish or facilitate the commission of a crime.