Becoming a Trooper

Prior to being selected as a Rhode Island State Police Training Academy recruit, applicants must successfully complete a multi-step testing and evaluation process.

Recruits will attend a demanding, twenty-four (24) week live-in law enforcement training academy which will be physically, emotionally, mentally and intellectually challenging. Additionally, the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy demands a high level of physical fitness from each recruit.

During the Training Academy, there will be demands placed on a recruit's family, both financially and emotionally.

Upon graduation from the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy, recruits will become a part of a paramilitary organization, operating under a structured chain-of-command. They will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Division and enforce the laws of the State of Rhode Island impartially.

At all times, recruits are expected to manifest a calm, professional and courteous demeanor with members of the public and their colleagues.

Troopers will be required to wear a standardized uniform and will be expected to work any shift, including nights, weekends and holidays. At times, troopers are expected to work longer than their regular work shift or designated schedule. Troopers are required to work during natural and man-made disasters, such as hurricanes, snow storms and other potentially catastrophic events.