Pre-Academy Preparatory Training

Pre-Academy Preparatory Training is a structured program required for all candidates and alternate candidates who have received Conditional Offers of Employment. This program will begin approximately 8 weeks prior to the start of the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy.

The program will focus on preparing each candidate for success in the Training Academy. There will be a physical assessment conducted at the start of the program and a final physical assessment at the conclusion of the program to coincide with the commencement of the Training Academy.

Candidates will be provided with information and instruction to prepare them for the Training Academy, including techniques to increase cardiovascular endurance and upper body strength, swimming instruction and water safety instruction. Basic military movements and commands will also be demonstrated to assist with proper military bearing.

Candidates are required to attend all 8 sessions, one of which is a swim session.

Any candidate who fails to attend the 8 mandatory sessions or fails the final physical assessment test will have their Conditional Offer of Employment revoked resulting in removal from the selection process.