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Rhode Island State Police Training Academy

Thank you for your interest in the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy.

Currently we are not accepting applications.

If you are interested in becoming a Rhode Island State Trooper, periodically visit this website for any recruitment announcements.

About the Academy


The Rhode Island State Police Training Academy is located in Foster, Rhode Island. The Training Academy is responsible for conducting the Rhode Island State Police Recruit Instruction School, all in-service training for members of the Division, firearms training for the members the Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs, Rhode Island Capitol Police, Division of the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal, and continuing education courses in law enforcement. The Training Academy also coordinates training with the other New England State Police Administrators Conference (NESPAC) Trainers.

The resident Training Academy lasts twenty-two (22) weeks, and is designed to challenge each recruit to determine if one possesses the necessary intelligence, emotional stability, physical stamina, or other criteria necessary to meet training objectives and active duty requirements.

Recruits report to the Training Academy at 9:00 PM on Sunday evenings and reside at the Training Academy until 5:00 PM the following Friday. The daily schedule commences at 6:00 AM and concludes at 10:00 PM with classes, lectures, demonstrations, and two (2) physical fitness training periods each day.

For specific information with respect to qualifications and the selection / training process, call (401) 444-1192 for additional details.

The Rhode Island State Police is an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Employer.