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The following numbers are for non-emergency purposes only.

If you are experiencing an emergency that requires police, fire or medical assistance, dial 911 immediately.

Scituate Barracks (Headquarters)
311 Danielson Pike
North Scituate, RI 02857
Phone: (401) 444-1000
Patrol Commander: Lieutenant Michael J. Rosa
Wickford Barracks
7875 Post Road
North Kingsotwn, RI 02852
Phone: (401) 294-3371
Patrol Commander: Lieutenant Erik W. Jones
Portsmouth Barracks
838 East Main Road
Portsmouth, RI 02871
Phone: (401) 849-4444
Lincoln Woods Barracks
1575 Louisquisset Pike
Lincoln, RI 02865
Phone: (401) 444-1100
Patrol Commander: Lieutenant Derek W. Borek
Hope Valley Barracks
54 Nooseneck Hill Road
Richmond, RI 02898
Phone: (401) 539-2411
Patrol Commander: Lieutenant James M. Pardington, Jr
T.F. Green Airport Office
2000 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886
Phone: (401) 732-5327
Patrol Commander: Lieutenant Ernest P. McKenney

Rhode Island State Police Contacts

+ General Information
General Information
Phone: (401) 444-1000
+ Accident Reports
Accident Reports
Accident Reports
+ Automobile Theft Unit
Automobile Theft Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant David Doucet
Phone: (401) 462-5744
+ Canine Unit
Canine Unit
Canine Commander: Lieutenant Erik Jones
+ Capitol Projects
Capitol Projects
Sergeant Richard Swanson
Phone: (401) 444-1051
+ Central Management Office
Central Management Office
Phone: (401) 764-5990
+ Charitable Gaming Unit
Charitable Gaming Unit
Ms. Pauline Malec
Phone: (401) 444-1147
Fax: (401) 444-1097
Charitable Gaming Unit page
+ Commercial Enforcement Unit
Commercial Enforcement Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Sergeant John Furtado
Phone: (401) 444-1140
+ Computer Crimes Unit
Computer Crimes Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Captain John Alfred
RI Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
Commander: Sergeant Eric Yelle
RI Joint Cyber Task Force
Program Manager: Ms. Meghan Martinez
Phone: (401) 921-1170
Fax: (401) 921-8119
Computer Crimes Unit page
+ Detective Bureau
Detective Bureau
Property Officer: Lieutenant Christopher Schram
Phone: (401) 444-1158
Detective Bureau page
+ Financial Crimes Unit
Financial Crimes Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Sergeant Cynthia Trahan
Phone: (401) 444-1201
+ Fingerprinting
Forensic Services Unit
Phone: (401) 444-1792
+ Fleet / Supply Unit
Fleet / Supply Unit
Fleet Officer: Lieutenant Sean O'Hearn
Phone: (401) 764-5827
Supply Officer: Ms. Linda Slader
Phone: (401) 764-5905
+ Forensic Services Unit
Forensic Services Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant John Grassel
Phone: (401) 444-1110
+ Fusion Center
Fusion Center
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant William Accardi
Phone: (401) 444-1117
Fusion Center page
+ Gaming Enforcement Unit
Gaming Enforcement Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant Gerald McKinney
+ Human Resources
Human Resources
Mrs. Maura Gazzero
Ms. Kimberly Asselin
+ Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel
Chief Legal Counsel: Paul Andrews, Esq.
Phone: (401) 444-1121
+ Marine Unit / Dive Team
Marine Unit / Dive Team
Officer-in-Charge: Sergeant Simon Liu
+ Major Crimes Unit
Major Crimes Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant Robert Creamer
Phone: (401) 444-1046
+ Museum
President: Captain Matthew Moynihan
Museum page
+ Narcotics Unit
Narcotics Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Timothy Allen, Jr.
+ NCIC Quality Assurance Unit
NCIC Quality Assurance Unit
Ms. Joan Collins
Phone: (401) 444-1148
+ Operations
Operations Officer: Lieutenant Ernest McKenney
Phone: (401) 462-7119
+ Planning, Research & Accreditation Unit
Planning, Research & Accreditation Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Sergeant Laurie Ludovici
Phone: (401) 444-1016
+ Professional Standards Unit
Professional Standards Unit
Officer-in-Charge: Captain Kenneth Buonaiuto
Phone: (401) 444-1014
Professional Standards Unit page
+ Public Record Requests
Public Record Requests
Ms. Leilani Audette
Phone: (401) 444-1083
Fax: (401) 444-1105
Public Records page
+ Sex Offender Registry
Sex Offender Registry
Ms. Danielle Mahoney
Phone: (401) 444-1296
Sex Offender Registry page
+ Technical Services Unit
Technical Services Unit
Mr. William Guy
Phone: (401) 764-5964
+ Training Academy
Training Academy
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant Darnell Weaver
Phone: (401) 444-1191
Training Academy page
+ Uniform Crime Reporting
Uniform Crime Reporting
Ms. Linda Fraccola
Phone: (401) 764-5792
Uniform Crime Reporting page
+ Violent Fugitive Task Force / Rhode Island Most Wanted
Violent Fugitive Task Force / Rhode Island Most Wanted
Officer-in-Charge: Lieutenant Todd Neill
Phone: (401) 921-8130 or (401) 921-8131
Most Wanted page
+ Webmaster / Social Media Section
Webmaster / Social Media Section
Ms. Allison O'Connor
Phone: (401) 444-1116

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