Diversity Academy

The Rhode Island State Police has partnered with Providence College to create a Diversity Academy, "An Indoctrination Into State Police Training." The mission of this Diversity Academy is to promote and enhance the relationship between the community and the Rhode Island State Police. This is done by way of physical fitness training, classroom instruction and discussion designed to provide a better understanding of one another’s culture with the goal of increasing diversity within The Rhode Island State Police and The Department of Public Safety.

Note: We are not currently accepting applications for the Diversity Academy.



Each night there will be a period of physical training followed by classroom instruction and discussion. The physical training element is important. It will be basic but will provide attendees with an understanding of the physical requirements needed to become a member of the State Police. Many recruits from our current academy were not prepared physically and subsequently withdrew from the academy. Our goal is to increase diversity within the Rhode Island State Police and the Department of Public Safety by introducing the attendees to our culture with the hope that they will apply for a permanent position in the future.