Citizen's Trooper Academy

The Rhode Island State Police Citizen's Trooper Academy is an extension of our community outreach program that offers participants a unique opportunity to become familiar with the operations, policies, and practices of the Rhode Island State Police. The program is designed to not only inform participants of the workings of the State Police, but to also enhance relationships with community members by fostering open communication between participants and troopers.

The purpose of this program is to provide citizens who live and work in Rhode Island a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of today's Rhode Island State Troopers, with the goal of enhancing, through education, the relationship between the State Police and the citizens we protect and serve. This is accomplished through instruction by members of the State Police with expertise in various disciplines. Instruction is provided through classroom presentations as well as practical, hands-on exercises.

The objective of the Citizen's Trooper Academy is not to train individuals to become troopers/officers of the law, but to produce better informed citizens. In an effort to develop a better understanding of the operation of the State Police and a greater awareness and appreciation of the issues, challenges, and decisions faced by troopers each day, participants will see firsthand the daily responsibilities and expectations of troopers, as well as the rigorous training that prepares troopers for their job. By informing citizens of the rules, regulations, and policies troopers must follow, it is our goal to put some of the common misconceptions about law enforcement to rest.

The Citizen's Trooper Academy provides information and hands-on experience in law enforcement practices such as training, officer safety, motor vehicle stops, firearms, domestic violence investigations, and critical incident/victim assistance, investigative techniques. Demonstrations of K-9s, tasers, and E 9-1-1 Operation Center are given. Participants will also gain a better understanding of the organization of the State Police and different divisions within the State Police including the Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Unit, Community Outreach Program, Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau, Legal and other specialized units.

The Citizen's Trooper Academy is held once a year and consists of three-hour blocks of instruction conducted weekly over a six-week period. Graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion.

We hope that upon completion of the Citizen's Trooper Academy, participants will have a clearer understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and community interaction expected from troopers and will share their knowledge with others in the community.