Salary and Benefits

  1. During the twenty-four (24) week Training Academy, recruits receive a salary of $1,300 bi-weekly, less meal expenses.
  2. Medical expenses of recruits incurred during training are paid for by the Division.
  3. Upon appointment as a member of the Division, recruits are eligible for additional benefits (i.e. Health Insurance, Delta Dental, Prescription Service, and Vision Care, etc.). Health care coverage is contributory in nature. A health insurance co-share of the medical premium is required for participation in coverage. A State group life insurance plan is also available. Also, upon retirement, Division members are eligible for health insurance benefits with a required co-share equal to the premium co-share percentage applicable as of the date of retirement.
  4. Upon appointment, uniforms and equipment are furnished by the Division. Upon appointment, uniformed troopers receive an annual clothing allowance of $750.
  5. The starting salary for a trooper, upon graduation from the Training Academy (excluding, holiday, overtime, incentive, and bonus pay), is $50,799 with five increments (over 4 years) to $61,935.
  6. The average work week consists of forty-two (42) hours. Troopers work a 3-day on / 3-day off schedule which rotates every six (6) weeks between day and night shifts.
  7. To ensure the proper performance of law enforcement duties and obligations, the Division may direct and authorize overtime.
  8. There are ten (10) official State holidays per year for which troopers receive and additional day's pay.
  9. Annual vacation for troopers are listed below:
    • 5 months to 1 year of service (13 working days);
    • 1 to 10 years of service (21 working days);
    • 10 years or more of service (28 working days).
  10. Upon completion of twenty-five (25) years of service, a Division member can retire and receive a pension at half-pay with an additional two percent (2%) for each year after 25 years of service, up to a maximum of sixty-five (65%). The pension is contributory in nature at a current rate of 8.75%.
  11. The Rhode Island Trooper's Association contract expires on 4/30/2016.