Recruit Regulations and Duties

  1. The Rhode Island State Police is a paramilitary organization in which military courtesy and discipline is demanded and expected.
  2. All recruits will be informed of the Division and Training Academy Rules and Regulations which govern member's actions during training and employment.
  3. Recruits begin a twenty-four (24) week recruit probationary period when they report to the Training Academy. Recruits are subject to dismissal by the Superintendent during this recruit probationary period for incompetence, poor attitude, inefficiency, failure to meet physical fitness standards, and other training objectives, active duty requirements, or violations of rules and regulations without the action of a hearing board.
  4. Recruits must maintain proper discipline and meet attendance requirements.
  5. Recruits are required to properly maintain, in accordance with the established Training Academy Rules and Regulations, their personal appearance, rooms, issued equipment, and personal belongings - all of which are subject to periodic inspections by the Training Academy Staff. Recruits sworn in after July 1, 2002 are precluded from having any tattoos or other body art which is visible while in Division uniform or on duty if not in uniform.
  6. Recruits assist in maintaining Training Academy facilities and equipment. Recruits must also perform other duties, such as kitchen and dining hall services.
  7. Prior to the Academy, selected candidates will be required to sign a conditional offer of employment. Those recruits that successfully complete and graduate from the Academy will then be considered full-time state employees.