38 Studios Investigation

This information pertains to the investigation into 38 Studios by the Rhode Island State Police. State law exempts the release of certain personal information that could reasonably be expected to be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy or could disclose information furnished on a confidential basis. There are remaining records that cannot be released because they were part of the grand jury investigation. These records are protected by state law, which prohibits their disclosure.

The documents on this page were released to the public on March 2, 2017 unless noted otherwise.

June 7, 2017: Content Added

June 2, 2017: State Police Releases Additional 38 Studios Documents

Earlier this year, the Rhode Island State Police announced it would release non-privileged, non-grand jury documents from its criminal investigation of 38 Studios. In March, the agency released hundreds of pages of documents, including transcripts of interviews. The agency recently discovered a digital recording of a third interview with one of the principals in the investigation that had not previously been transcribed or released. Two other interviews with this indvidual have already been transcribed and released.

In addition, the Rhode Island State Police has a number of internal communications, including emails and handwritten notes taken by detectives during the course of the investigation. These confidential internal communications historically have not been publicly released because they are exempt under one or more Access to Public Records Act exemptions. Because of the continued public interest in the 38 Studios investigation, the Rhode Island State Police has decided to release the documents in its sole possession.

The Rhode Island State Police today (June 2, 2017) posted the transription of the interview cited above. Redactions in the transcription are in compliance with the Superior Court's ruling concerning grand jury secrecy. Rhode Island State Police also posted the detectives' notes to its website. Additional documents will be added as they are reviewed.

2012 State Police Emails - Part 1 (released 6/7/2017)

2012 State Police Emails - Part 2 (released 6/7/2017)

2012 State Police Emails - Part 3 (released 6/7/2017)

2013 State Police Emails (released 6/7/2017)

2014 State Police Emails (released 6/7/2017)

2015 State Police Emails (released 6/7/2017)

2016 State Police Emails (released 6/7/2017)

Detectives' Notes (released 6/2/2017)

Witness Statement (released 6/2/2017)

Investigative Report

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